I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Top Tips for Successful Pledges

  1. Keep your ambitions modest — why ask for 50 people to do something when 5 would be enough? Every extra person makes your pledge harder to meet. Only 0% of pledges asking for more than 100 people succeed.
  2. Get ready to sell your pledge, hard. Pledges don't sell themselves just by sitting on this site. In fact your pledge won't even appear to general site visitors until you've got a few people to sign up to it yourself. Think hard about whether people you know would want to sign up to your pledge!
  3. Think about how your pledge reads. How will it look to someone who picks up a flyer from their doormat? Read your pledge to the person next to you, or to your mother, and see if they understand what you're talking about. If they don't, you need to rewrite it.
  4. A picture – or audio clip, or video – is worth a thousand words. You can add a picture to your pledge once you've created it, or consider including a link in your pledge to a picture, audio, or video if you have one.

New Pledge – Basics

I will

but only if

will .

The other people must sign up before:
(e.g. "19th May 2018")

Choose a short name for your pledge (6 to 16 letters): (This gives your pledge an easy web address. e.g. http://rbwm.pledgebank.staging.mysociety.org/tidyupthepark)

More details about your pledge: (optional)

(links and email addresses will be automatically made clickable, no "markup" needed)

About You

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On flyers and elsewhere, after your name, how would you like to be described? (optional)
(e.g. "resident of Tamilda Road")

Did you read the tips on the right of the page? They'll help you make a successful pledge.